In past years, you could count on your reputation and personal contacts for a steady stream of clients or patients. That approach no longer works. As competition intensifies and market changes become the norm, it is clear that successfully marketing professional services requires active efforts and far different approaches.

What most business development and marketing consultants will immediately steer you toward that we won’t.

They’ll push you to start from scratch. They’ll say up front that all roads lead through the Internet. Or they’ll steer you to a specific marketing technique immediately – without considering alternatives that might be a better fit for you.

We believe however that if you’ve progressed to the point where you’re considering engaging us, you’re probably doing a lot right already. We’ll start by building on what you’ve already learned and accomplished. We’ll anchor all that we do to your goals and vision. We won’t reinvent your wheel – we’ll refine and polish from your unique foundation. We call this “Core Agenda Fine-Tuning.”

What world-class business development is to the most successful professional services firms and medical practices – and what it isn’t.

“Focus + pragmatic blocking and tackling.” That’s how successful professional services firms and medical practices – and we – approach business development and marketing. It’s far more than a cool website or a specific marketing technique that is the current rage. Fix the fundamentals and growth and profitability soar. We use big firm strategies with small business tactics, along with attention-to-detail execution, to stack the deck and put your firm or medical practice on top.

In the end, it is about the business of your firm or medical practices, not about technology or a specific marketing initiative.

What if you had access to the business development playbook of the largest professional services firms and medical practices in your market?

Think you might benefit from borrowing a few of those pages? That’s what we bring, in a nutshell – the business development expertise used by the largest and most successful professional services firms and medical practices in your market, appropriately scaled to firms with smaller annual revenue.

What you do for business development and marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

Effective marketing does have to be well thought out and pragmatically executed. This is where we bring significant cost savings and impact to your firm or practice.

We’ll get you focused on the right message for your specific situation – along with the right marketing mix of digital and traditional marketing. We’ll execute and deliver. When you get it right, you’ll be able to spend more efficiently and outperform your competitors – making every dollar count.

Where’s the Exit?

90% of the owners of Professional Services Firms & Medical Practices find out that their business entity isn’t sellable when they decide to exit.

Most professional services firms and medical practices aren’t positioned to sell. Owners enjoy what they are doing and are so focused on day-to-day matters that put off preparations until it is too late. But by correcting common mistakes early in the life of your firm, you can put hundreds of thousands – in some cases millions – of dollars into your pocket.

For those ready to go beyond business development and marketing considerations alone, Core Agenda can help you position yourself for a lucrative exit when the time comes.

Results?  Start with our reviews.

“… The Core Agenda team have pushed us out of a marketing rut.”

What’s your biggest marketing challenge?

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